Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Rural Arbor Products Ltd (also known as RAP Ltd) is a company registered in England & Wales no: 4165438 with offices in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Its postal address is PO Box 4692, Shrewsbury SY1 9BU. The company (RAP Ltd) and officials are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

RAP Ltd enables its clients to obtain specific Woodland Owner Public Liability Insurance Cover through their broker, Marsh Commercial (formally Clark Thomson Ltd), and underwriter, Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc, (their contact details can be accessed from our website under ‘BUSINESS ASSOCIATES’ in the home page menu). Third Party Public Liability only is covered under the RAP Ltd policy and there is no age limit on trees owned by RAP Ltd policy holders. The limit of liability is £5 million in any one claim. There is no Excess applied. All clients will be bound by the terms and conditions of their Policy brokered by Clark Thomson Ltd and underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc.

Postal applications should include the payment cheque unless arrangements to pay by bank transfer have been agreed. If required and agreed scanned applications can be emailed with a request for our account details to pay by bank transfer. Once applications are processed clients will be emailed or posted a Schedule of Cover as confirmation that they are insured and emailed the Full Policy document (NB. only Section B1 relates to this policy). For clients whose email addresses have not been supplied the Full Policy can also be accessed from our website under ‘HOW IT WORKS’ in the home page menu.

The amount payable is inclusive of the Annual Premium, Insurance Premium Tax and Policy Holders Fee. The premium is set annually by the underwriter. The stated cost is payable whenever an owner joins the scheme and is the same amount were cover for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or any part thereof.  However, the underwriter has in the past approved a reduced premium after 1st January for the remaining 6 months of our insurance year or any part thereof.

All policy renewals are on 1st July annually. Renewal Notices are sent out in June each year to the email address provided, or otherwise by post, with details of the new costs from 1st July. Any owner not returning their payment by 1st July will be assumed not to require cover for the forthcoming year.

It is the responsibility of all clients to inform RAP Ltd immediately if there are any amendments to the original details supplied, particularly where there has been a change to the email address, any changes to the postal address or sale of the clients woodland.

Clients are advised that should they require ‘proof of delivery’ they should send their applications and payments by Registered Post. Cover will commence immediately upon receipt of your application and payment or, at the latest, within 2 days of receipt unless a future date of commencement is otherwise requested. This is excepting weekends and bank holidays.

RAP Ltd does not handle Claims. Clients who suspect there is likely to be a claim against their policy should immediately contact our broking team at Marsh Commercial on 01382 735122 who will explain the claims procedure.

It is a condition that in respect of crop spraying by, or on behalf of, the Insured on the Insured’s own land that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent loss of or damage to stock and crops belonging to owners of adjacent properties. Also, that notice is given to the owners of animals likely to be present in fields or areas bordering those to be sprayed of the Insured’s intention to carry out spraying operations.

Due to continuing adverse climate conditions being experienced in the UK owners are reminded that they are advised to inspect their woodlands regularly to assess for damage or disease and carry out any remedial work recommended to ensure the public are safe. It is also recommended that a full record is kept of any/all remedial work undertaken.

RAP Ltd takes the privacy of its clients very seriously. Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations we are fully compliant. All client personal data is kept securely and we never communicate it to a third party other than Marsh Commercial, but only for the purposes of this insurance policy.

All clients should be aware that any money received in payment for their insurance cover is paid into a designated Statutory Trust account. This money ceases to be the client’s money once their cover commences and is then held on behalf of and forwarded to Marsh Commercial who then forward this to the underwriters, Royal & Sun Alliance. Any interest on such monies held in the Statutory Trust account becomes part of the firm’s assets.

By taking out insurance cover with RAP Ltd, or renewing their current cover, clients are considered to have accepted all of the above Terms and Conditions.