This scheme has been operated by Rural Arbor Products Ltd since taking it over from the National Small Woods Association in the year 2000. It is open to all amenity/conservation woodland owners, collectives, community groups, residents associations, parish councils, tenants, etc., owning up to 75 hectares (185 acres) of woodland, who can buy into the scheme and get the full cover that an individual policy would give but at a lower cost.

The cover is for 3rd Party Wood Owner Public Liability that indemnifies the insured for accidental bodily injury, e.g. to a trespasser or visitor; and loss of or damage to property of a third party e.g. neighbouring property, fences, buildings, etc., up to a limit of £5 million in any one claim. There is no Excess.

NB. owners of woods of a commercial nature cannot be covered by this policy. This includes growing timber and windblow covers and any owner requiring such cover should obtain a quote from Marsh Commercial on 01382 735111.

How much is it?

The policy runs from 1st July – 30th June annually and this year the cost is set at £164.00 per wood from 1st July 2020, this includes the minimum annual premium (£115.00), the 12% government insurance premium tax (£13.80) and the policy holders fee (£35.20), and is irrespective of the size of the woodland (up to the maximum allowed) or number of owners or whenever you join the scheme up to 31st December 2020. However, if you join the scheme after 1st January 2021, the cost is discounted to £120.00 (Broker £76.00, IPT £9.12 and PHF £34.88) for the remaining six months or any part thereof, until 30th June 2021. NB: there is no pro-rata premium as the cost is the minimum amount that can be charged whether it be for one day, one week, one month, etc.


Insurance covers for all clients expire at midnight on 30th June annually, irrespective of when owners joined the scheme. A Renewal Notice will be sent out at the beginning of June annually, either by email (preferred) or by post to those clients without email services. Payment for the coming insurance year should reach RAP Ltd by 30th June annually to ensure continuance of cover. Upon receipt of funds a new Cover Schedule will be issued, again by email or post. A copy of the Full Policy document and our Terms & Conditions will also be sent to those clients who have provided an email address. Otherwise these documents are available to view or download from this website.


Before completing the application form all Owners are advised that any woods containing hazards such as permanent ponds, lakes, streams and rivers; seasonal ponds and streams, mineshafts, quarries, saw-mills, etc. may not be accepted. Each hazard will be considered on its merits and owners should consult our broking team at Marsh Commercial on 01382 735111 in advance of applying for cover. Once clearance has been received from Marsh Commercial, the application form should be annotated accordingly under Section 12.


RAP Ltd does not handle claims. Clients who suspect there is likely to be a claim against their policy should immediately supply full details to our broking team at Marsh Commercial on 01382 735111 who will be able to explain the claims procedure.


This insurance cover does not extend to activities carried out in your wood such as shooting, horse-riding, motor-cycling, orienteering, forest schools, etc., that should be insured by the organisation or individual running those activities. Any such activity must be noted on the proposal form under Section 16. You are advised to satisfy yourself that appropriate cover has been arranged by the organisers of those activities. Similarly, this cover does not extend to workers or contractors operating in your woods. You are advised to satisfy yourself that they have their own appropriate insurance cover in place before work commences. Store sheds, cabins, summerhouses, treehouses, buildings, other structures, etc., or their contents, are not covered under this policy as it is only for third party public liability. You are advised to seek cover from another company if required.

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