‘Ecology Building Society’ can provide mortgages to purchase land and small woods for conservation and protection – see website www.ecology.co.uk or link to www.ecology.co.uk/mortgages/residential-mortgages/woodlands/

‘Small Woods Association’ is a registered charity that aims to bring together everyone with an interest in small woodlands – www.smallwoods.org.uk

‘Stuart Benger & Co Ltd’ has over 40 years experience in agricultural insurance and can provide cover for today’s smallholder and those wood owners with fields to insure – 01743 462277 – info@stuartbenger.co.uk

‘Woodenways’ currently includes information about log and timber buildings, created by hand from locally sourced trees. Contact Don Franklin – www.woodenways.com

‘Woodland Heritage’ is recognized as an unique initiative, which truly unites all tree people – a vehicle for wood users (and consumers) to “put something back” and contribute to the proper management of British Trees –www.woodlandheritage.org.uk

‘Woodlands for Sale’ sell small woods for amenity and conservation possibilities throughout the country. Visit their website for a comprehensive look at the property available – www.woodlands.co.uk

‘Woodland Trust’ is the UK’s leading conservation charity dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage – www.woodland-trust.org.uk

‘WoodNet’ – a partnership established in 1995 to help timber growers and wood users make the most of their local timber resources in SE England. It also produces Woodlots magazine that provides free advertising for local timber producers and wood users in the South East – www.woodnet.org.uk

‘Woods 4 Sale’ specialises in the sales of small woodlands in Wales for recreation, wildlife conservation and investment – www.woods4sale.co.uk