Insurance cover through this scheme is provided through Marsh Commercial, the broker, and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd, the underwriter.

The scheme provides cover for amenity and conservation woodland owners only with up to 75 hectares (185 acres) as follows:-

Woodland owners public liability that indemnifies the insured for accidental bodily injury e.g. to a trespasser or visitor; and loss of or damage to property of a third party e.g. neighbouring property, fences, buildings, other structures, etc., up to a limit of £5 million (£5,000,000) in any one claim. There is no Excess with this policy.

This cover does not extend to activities carried out in your wood such as shooting, horse-riding, motor-cycling, orienteering, etc., that should be insured by the organisation or individual running those activities. Any such activities must be noted on the proposal form under ‘Supplementary Information’.

The current premium costs can be found on the ‘How it Works‘ page. Cover costs the same for every owner, irrespective of size of woodland area (i.e. up to 75 hectares). A recognised group or association is considered as one owner provided the woodland is owned collectively and not individually by plot within the whole.

For example, if a number of neighbours each buy a piece of wood at the end of their gardens rather than buying it collectively as a group or company then each owner will have to insure their area independently. Similarly, if 2 people buy half a wood each with independent boundaries then they must insure their half separately. However, if 2 or more persons buy a wood collectively then this can be considered as one policy and a single premium is payable.

Additional Cover

If cover is required for woods over the maximum size of 75 hectares or on commercial woods then our Broker can provide Public Liability cover at either £2 million, £5 million or £10 million, please enquire for a quotation from Marsh Commercial direct.

Also, if cover is required for standing timber, usually in woods of a commercial nature, then our Broker can provide a quote for additional Fire and/or Windblow covers (e.g. Marsh Commercial’s general clients with Public Liability cover on Growing Timber have, in the past, paid a minimum premium of over £175 + IPT @ 12%).

RAP Ltd and Marsh Commercial cannot provide quotes for public liability insurance cover for tree surgeons, work parties, structures of any kind, etc.


Marsh Commercial: 01382 735103

RAP Ltd: 07791 272276

For information

Should you become a client of the RAP Ltd Scheme you would be expected to take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, destruction, damage, accident or injury. This is a common duty for anyone seeking Public Liability cover, and no Insurance provider would offer this cover without making this a condition. Public Liability cover protects you, should a 3rd party suffer a loss, whilst on your growing timber land, and you are legally liable for that loss. For example, should a diseased tree fall and cause injury to a member of the public on your land, then the cover would protect you. If, however, you were aware of the diseased tree and had made plans to fell it, but it caused injury before such felling could take place, it would be deemed that you had taken reasonable precautions to prevent injury. It is worth pointing out that if a healthy tree fell on a member of the public whilst on your land, e.g. due to lightning strike, the public liability cover would not protect you, because Insurers would not hold you legally liable (to blame) for a healthy tree falling over. The injured party would therefore have no claim against you.

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