To take advantage of the scheme please ensure you satisfy the criteria below and have read through and accept the detail contained in our Terms and Conditions. If so, print off a copy of the application form and post it with your cheque for £185.00, (or £133.00 if between 1st January and 30th June 2023), made payable to RAP Ltd, to the address shown on the form. If insurance cover is urgent we will accept emailed scanned applications with a request to pay by bank transfer. Our email address can be found on the application form. There is much more information on the other pages of this website that you are encouraged to read.


Before completing the application form all owners are advised that any woods containing hazards such as permanent ponds, lakes, streams and rivers; seasonal ponds and streams, mineshafts, quarries, saw-mills, etc. may not be accepted. Each hazard will be considered on its merits and owners should consult our broking team at Marsh Commercial on 01382 735103 in advance of applying for cover. Once their clearance has been received the application form should be noted accordingly under Section 12.

For information

Should you become a client of the RAP Ltd scheme you would be expected to take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, destruction, damage, accident or injury. This is a common duty for anyone seeking Public Liability cover, and no insurance provider would offer this cover without making this a condition. Public Liability cover protects you, should a 3rd party suffer a loss, whilst on your growing timber land, and you are legally liable for that loss. For example, should a diseased tree fall and cause injury to a member of the public on your land, then the cover would protect you. If however, you were aware of the diseased tree and had made plans to fell it, but it caused injury before such felling could take place, it would be deemed that you had taken reasonable precautions to prevent injury. It is worth pointing out, that if a healthy tree fell on a member of the public whilst on your land, e.g. due to lightning strike, the public liability cover would not protect you, because Insurers would not hold you legally liable (to blame) for a healthy tree falling over. The injured party would therefore have no claim against you.